Chem Plant 
by Sarah Welch

Chem Plant is a time-based window box installation and ancillary mini-comic by Sarah Welch. The comic narrative serves as an origin story for a monstrous plant protagonist who begins life as office decor in a fertilizer plant’s site trailer somewhere along our chemical coast. After enduring calamity, rejection, and mutation, the plant is re-introduced to the world in the window of a historic building in downtown Galveston. How will they fare in this new home?

Sarah Welch is a multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, Texas. Her work has been exhibited throughout Texas and the Gulf Coast, including exhibitions at Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio, Texas; Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas; Antenna, New Orleans, Louisiana; and The Museum of Fine Art, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. Welch has participated in artist residency programs at Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, MacDowell, Wesleyan University, Lawndale Art Center, and UT Dallas Centraltrak. She is a member of the collaborative printmaking duo, Mystic Multiples and regularly publishes comics, zines, and prints alongside her creative partner, James Beard. In December 2021, Welch will exhibit the third reading room installation in her ongoing project, “Holdouts,” at the central location of the Austin Public Library in Austin, Texas.

Chem Plant zine - $10

Phylogeny Light
Bucky Miller

Phylogeny Light, a chapbook and site-specific installation, tracks one woozy step in the evolution of an idea about photographing animals, an idea which currently resides somewhere between “photographs are like raccoons” and “anything can be an animal and everything can be a photograph.” Originating from a desire to fail at photographing every single animal on earth, the work compresses fragments of photography’s past, present, and future into a weird menagerie of apes, dogs, and Walker Evans, who is now a cow from one of his own pictures.

Bucky Miller
is an internationally-exhibited artist and writer and a 2018 recipient of the Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship.  His work has been shown in solo exhibitions at spaces such as the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and in numerous group exhibitions. His first self-published book, The Picture of the Afghan Hound, was selected as one of photo-eye’s best photobooks of 2016. Miller’s work has also been featured in publications like n+1, Der Greif, The Believer, and spot.  He earned an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin, during which time he temporarily resided in London as part of an exchange with the Royal College of Art program in sculpture. In 2018 he attended the Recycled Artist in Residency program in Philadelphia, PA.  Bucky is from Phoenix, AZ but currently lives in Houston, TX.


The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research

The tide is rising, rising, rising. The climate crisis is here. In HIGH TIDE ALL THE TIME, The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research imagines a future Galveston coastline replete with emergent lifeforms occupying the spaces of a displaced island population. The collage work on display—combining watercolor, gouache, spray paint, and Risograph print scraps— offers an otherworldly hallucination where the colors and forms of Galveston’s beach culture coalesce to create an adaptive and self-sustaining ecosystem of biological creatures and post-human waste.

The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research is a creative studio and Risograph press run by Emily Halbardier and Erik Sultzer, based in Houston, TX. Together they produce a wide range of works on paper, publish small-edition zines, and teach. Emily and Erik began working together in 2011 and are currently members of BOX 13 ArtSpace.


Nick Barbee

Galveston is a place off the map.  Sandwiched between the gulf and the bay, the island is here and there. 

Barbee’s new work uses security envelopes to create cut paper pieces. These pieces depict both peoples that have removed themselves from society and the landscapes within which they operate. 


Poetry Reading w/ Lynn Xu & Joshua Edwards

A reading with Lynn Xu and Joshua Edwards.