Sandy Water
Lauren Moya Ford

In its inaugural exhibition, Rising Tide Projects presents Sandy Water, an exhibition of new drawings, paintings, and artist books by Lauren Moya Ford.

Remembering something is like looking into sandy water—things get lost and hidden by what rises up from somewhere else. Sandy Water is a new series of works that I made while thinking about the landscapes that I grew up with. My memories of the Gulf Coast, South Texas, and the Hill Country get cloudier the longer I live away from them, but their sand, shells, bird songs, insects, and wildflowers also seem to become more vivid parts of who I am. The line between writing and drawing is like the line between remembering and imagining—it sharpens and then blurs. After all, when I’m drawing sand and water, the two look so similar that they could be the same.

The Sandy Water paintings were made on unstretched canvas with ink and Japanese green tea. I was impelled by the idea of an old flag in the breeze, or a sail that’s been out for a while in the salt and sun. The accompanying artist book features a series of ink drawings of imagined-remembered landscapes and personal texts from the past three years. The book is a four-color, risograph printed, limited edition publication designed and printed by Super Hit Press.

The exhibition will also feature my Ocean Air ink drawing series and artist book, which are based on a 2018 artist residency on the island of Gran Canaria. The limited edition artist book was risograph printed by Raum Press in Salamanca, Spain and features drawings and writings based on my photographs and memories of the island. Ocean Air is a meditation on being close to water and being bound by the sea.

Lauren Moya Ford (Boca Ratón, 1986) is a Texan artist and writer based in Madrid, Spain. She has exhibited and performed her work at The Menil Collection, Front Gallery, Jonathan Hopson Gallery, and at art spaces in Japan, Spain, and Portugal. She has participated in artist residencies at El Centro de Arte La Regenta (Las Palmas, ES), O Sol Aceita a Pele para Ficar (Guimarães, PT), and Ox Bow (Saugatuck, US). Her writing and visual art have been featured in Hyperallergic, Sightlines Mag, Kyoto Journal, Harlequin Creature, Heads Magazine, Asymptote Journal, Glasstire, The Island Review, Dragaria Revista Canaria de Literatura, Gulf Coast Journal, and Fields Magazine.