The Double Lamp of Solitude
by Joshua Edwards

Emerging from walks taken by the author from the birthplaces to the deathsites of three poets (Friedrich Hölderlin, Federico García Lorca, and Miguel Hernández), The Double Lamp of Solitude is a collection of poems, prose, translations, and images that meditate on time, relationships, reading, society, and solitude.

Joshua Edwards (Galveston Island, 1978) is the author of The Double Lamp of Solitude, Architecture for Travelers, Imperial Nostalgias, and several other books, and he translated María Baranda's Ficticia and co-translated (with Lynn Xu) Lao Yang’s Pee Poems. He directs Canarium Books and teaches at Pratt Institute and Columbia University.


Poetry Foundation Book Review
Lamp of Mutial Aid (podcast reading)
- Video Reading (in a Galveston alley)

⛱ Please note: the “Special Edition” features screenprinted covers
that would be easily lost in the sands of Galveston or West Texas...
proceed with caution. 

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